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A ‘build’ Android 7.1 Pixel XL phones and Google

A few weeks ago we saw the emergence of Android 7 Nougat , which would begin to be seen in the Nexus devices are still within the support, either through OTA or installing the factory image if available. He warned shortly after this version of Android would receive a series of quarterly updates.

Well, apparently, would not have to wait so long to see Android Nougat in version 7.1 , is that according to recent rumors could appear in October with the new Pixel Google handsets, manufactured by HTC that much in the spotlight they have been late, thus confirming that the Nexus range is in the freezer . No developments will bring Android 7.1 yet known, but it serves as a preview of the Google Pixel will come with a new version under his arm, with the expected news and special features to differentiate them from the rest of the Android competition, even if they use obviously a version Pure Google operating system.

All you have to do both with the terminals as with news of the new version of Android, the number of ‘build’ would be the NDE63B , the know on October 4, the date on which hypothetically will see the new Pixel (HTC Sailfish) and Pixel XL (HTC Marlin) , although we know that Google tends to never warn of the presentation of new devices. That yes, the rumor comes from a developer as LlabTooFer -always linked to HTC with its MaximusHD ROM- removes any doubt about the work of Google and HTC on Android new Giant Mountain View.

Pixel XL phones and Google

All we know about Pixel and Pixel XL today

While the Nexus family has already seen an end to make way for the opening of the Pixel family on smartphones (remember that there is Pixel C) is more than likely that Google continues asking any of their manufacturers (or several if gives the case) that manufacture them their smartphones.

Nobody knows what will you do Google in a somewhat more distant future, if you stop having such a close collaboration with its ‘partners’, will remain the same, end up buying factories, or what he will do, but for now, although it has been given much importance the name change, Google’s strategy remains unaltered , at least in essence. What is known so far of the new Pixel and Pixel XL is mounted sensors Sony’s current crop as the main camera, it seems that Google wants to improve one of the weakest points of the Nexus family , camera, or at least one of the most criticized.

On the other hand, just to collect information, we know that screen sizes will be 5 inches (Pixel) and 5.5 inches (Pixel XL) ,with high – end hardware (Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM) and in the back there will be news HTC logo, although it has long been known that the Taiwanese manufacturer is responsible for making these new terminals. Besides, it is given by confirmed by almost all means presenting the Pixel and Pixel XL will be on October 4 , although given the trend of Google to present products without warning, namely if they do not present early.

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