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Android 7.0 Nougat: What more you can ask from android

The whole new version of android is here. Going through the whole new dimensions Google has found a new way to refine its products. Looking back the Android 5.0 was a great success for Google. Here Android shifted to their unique design language and providing its customers a very interesting interface. Following the same trend and style it provided its customers a very humble experience of Android Marshmallow. It was unique, flat and a very bold design that held everything together in a very good manner.

The all new Android Nougat is following the same old trend of uniqueness. This time Google has not changed much on the appearance, but actually worked under the hood. It has brought many new features and polished the most popular smart phone operating system.
Here is our quick review of whats in it for the newbies.

Android Nougat

Updates are faster and a lot more easier in Android Nougat

This time hard work is totally gone hand free. You can do what ever you want on you Android Nougat and it keeps you updated without causing any kind of interference. This one is much more similar to the update experience on Chrome OS. All you have to do is to restart your phone once top complete the whole process.  As explained by Google itself “Android Nougat keeps everything up to date. It never hold back and adds up all the new exciting features to your phone. Every time the user powers up the system gets updated and keep on getting updates as needed”

Multi-tasking is now more easier 

Some times its hard to catch up with almost every thing and we usually think about have a dozen phones and a dozen hands. Multi-tasking has become more easier then ever before on Android Nougat. With two screens side by side we can easily manage multi-tasks. Google has developed this system so efficiently that any app can work without the developer.


Opening an app every time to reply to those annoying notifications is now a handy work to do. We can reply to any of our notifications right form the notification tray. What if we need to see more from that app, we just need to tap it once and we are good to go. We can customize the notification more further to our convenience.

Android Nougat

A fast phone with low battery consumption 

Battery consumption is one of the major problem that almost every one is facing today. “Project Doze” is the name given to the function which keeps your phone running on the optimum performance when its in your pockets. Previously with Android Marshmallow, it was just working great when the phone is holding still. Now Google has not done much in the name of its update but it still works great while the phone is in the pocket. “Project Svelte” has done much to provide a helping hand in managing the background app usage. It keep your phone from running unnecessary application in the background. It also keep your phone at an optimum performance level to save more power in terms of battery usage.

Mobile Data Usage 

Over charge form the cellular company is not an issue any more. There are plenty of tools in Android Nougat that keeps you phone to use minimum data. The new data saver settings automatically kills the running apps in the background. It also restricts you phone to check in unnecessary things like mails, Tweets or any Facebook notification. Data saver can also ignore certain apps if we want to be on a safe side.

More Emoji’s 

Android Nougat 7.0 has more then 1500 emoji, all of them have been redesigned to look more humanly and more attractive. Now we can enjoy expressing ourselves more easily.

Android Nougat

Security we need 

One of the major concerns of any user is the security of his or her own personal data. Android Nougat has put this in the top priority list. Most of the apps remain inactive or encrypted if you have not signed in to your device with your valid credentials. We can still run the phone with the basic apps like calls and messages. This feature helps us in a way that most of our data is secured in case of any loss or the phone is stolen. The remote features of our phone helps us to recover our full data.


Android become even more handy 

If we use Android on our jobs and use managed systems we should welcome the changes that Android Nougat is bringing for us. Almost everything looks the same but under the hood things are now more manageable then ever before.

The Good news 

Almost every on is very excited to get their hand on the new Android Nougat, here is the good new for all the passionate users of Android. If you guys are enterprising you can easly download the factory image and install it over the Marshmallow.

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