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Dual Boot Android Nougat System: Fact or Fiction

One of the great revolutions of Android Nougat is that it brings an update system in which you would not have to wait to see how the stick of progress fills when you install an OTA, i.e., that to implement a system update you will not have to wait minutes more minutes, just reboot the device and ready.
This works thanks to the system would have copies of the most important partitions (/ boot / system / data, / recovery and / cache) so that one copy of each partition is active and the other is in the background . The latter is in the update be installed, particularly in the / system partition so you can continue using your phone.
After installing the update, the system alerts you and reboot the device without having to look at how the device is updated as you get blind popcorn, and enjoy the OTA clean, healthy and beautiful. Now this is a problem, is that such updates would only be available on devices that leave the factory with Nougat.
Apparently, the limited storage does not all phones can have an extra copy of each partition , although I would like to see on terminals that leave the factory with Marshmallow and receive Nougat with generous storage (minimum 32 GB) receive a copy additional each partition to take advantage of this system upgrades in the future, even if only security patches.

Dual Boot Android Nougat System: Fact or Fiction

Developers could “give us” a dual boot in the future

If they could “modify” these copies to provide a dual boot, also they are able to clone the system updates that have Nougat on devices that have been shipped with this version of Android, which could cause, e.g., ‘ nightlies’ CyanogenMod be updated with much more agility, without having to go through the recovery.
And the same could be applied to other ROMs so that we would not need to be entering the ‘recovery’ at every moment to install the ROM again in a newer version that will have little improvements or modifications.
Now, could this mean that we will have a dual boot as such? The thing is quite difficult because we must proceed from the fact that each operating system is radically different from the others , so maybe that dual boot operating systems remain still some way off (I say a little because it will take a while, but you can do, but to see HTC HD2).

Of course, much closer would consider the possibility of a dual boot between ROMs , so we could have the ROM factory on one side and pure or a custom Android ROM on the other, and can switch between them with a simple reboot. It seems that, despite efforts by Google hinder root, inadvertently gives the possibility of a dual boot developers.

It could lead to dual boot problems when updates?

At this point, I will clarify one thing, and I’m not a developer, so I may pass more than a detail to consider. The new system and Nougat updates make and use partitions ; it occurs to me that if that ability to dual boot is used to run other additional ROM (or operating system in a somewhat distant future) when applying updates could be drawbacks.
Possibly because you see where I want to go, but if not, it easily explained. Let ‘s say, on the one hand; you have CM14 and secondly, another custom ROM. You want to install the new ‘Nightly’ of CM14, and as is equivalent to Android Nougat, would use these updates in the background, but the partitions you would use are occupied by the other ROM .
Then only would we go back to using the traditional method of going through the recovery and, therefore, have to wait, will void the advantage of the updates in the background, even with another ROM (either prove or by having a number of additional benefits).
Also, there could be some incompatibility when to receive these updates to be occupied by another additional copy ROM , although normally it would to download and install the ROM through recovery. Whatever the case, the possibility of a dual boot opens many doors. What do you think about this possibility?

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