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Google Ara modular mobile

Everything indicates that Rick Osterloh, former CEO of Motorola, in charge of the hardware division of Google a few months ago , has been busy lately optimizing the efforts of the company in the different lines of devices. On the one hand, we have just learned of the possible death – or at least pause of the Nexus brand , and now the scythe hangs over the Ara Project .

The information collected Reuters citing sources Undetermined and affirm categorically that Google has completely suspended its mobile modular experiment , the Ara Project. At least on their own, because another company could pick up the baton to exploit this technology in their own devices.

‘Failed Experiment?

The Ara project has had its problems since its inception. It is a classic case of something that on paper seems to be interesting, but once you get to work on the details and the alleged advantages that should reporters, the benefit is not so clear.

There are several occasions when we believed to have about this phone made by pieces, again and again, to see our hopes dashed. We thought we’d see the first phones in early 2015 . Not really . Then at the end of 2015 , in Puerto Rico. Neither. Once solved the issue of electro – magnets , should we see in autumn this year , no? Even still putting that on the website of Project Ara, but perhaps we are once again faced another negative.

Google Ara modular mobile

If confirmed this rumor would end the dream of modular mobile, at least by Google. The truth is that somehow the relative fiasco of other modular attempts as the LG G5 , or failed Fun raft could give us a clue that perhaps there is so much interest in this technology. We were sold as a way to prolong the life of the phone updating its parts, like a PC, but the reality is that for now, the result is a somewhat crude phone in appearance as to gross, and some experiments with modules and additions are passed a bit with the price.

We will see what is all this and if someone takes the witness, but for now a good summary of the situation could be the words of Dr. Malcolm in Jurassic Park: “They were so worried thinking if they could do that did not stop to think if they should. ” Now Rick Osterloh told that better not.

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