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Google Duo,Is it worth the Effort ?

Google has recently launched it video calling application for Android and IOS system. It is available on Google play store in UK and America and I hope will be launched for the rest of world soon.  I will first tell you about few of it the great feature and then will try to convince myself and you that is it worth the try or what new this app is offering and should we use it or not.

Google Duo

Some Good Things About Google Duo:

The Application features a very simple and user-friendly interface that looks professional as well as understandable for the layman.  One unique feature is that you can see the caller video before you can pick up the call. So you can confirm that the person requesting is the one you know. This feature is not provided by any other video calling services like Skype, Facetime, and Facebook messenger.

Google also claims that the video quality of the application is more profound and furnished as compared to other applications. It means that you can have better video call during your travel time using your data connections.

It offers a cross-platform call as well which is not a unique feature but it’ something that most of the video calling applications offer.

Why should Install the Google Duo:

The First reason is that I have plenty of free space on my mobile, and the app is free I should Install the application?

Second, its has been developed by Google and as per the repute of the Google, it’s worth trying as it does not cost me any money.

The Video Quality of the call is excellent and it worth trying, you should experience this yourself.

One more the good thing is that you don’t need to make a separate username or login. This step is skipped because your device is already logged in with a current Gmail ID.

Why Should I ignore the Google Duo Application

I hope you haven’t yet made any decision about installing the Google Duo. There are still some things that stop us from using this app. One of the most important things is that it doesn’t offer group calls. Secondly, I am not sure that the calls are encrypted. With the Google history of giving information to the Govt organizations, it’s hard to believe that someone in the wold will be looking at what you are doing on video calls and listing to it.

While Skype call is totally encrypted, and there is less chance of calls been hacked or stored in a data bank accessible to some IT guy. Whereas skypes also offer other feature like group calling, and also call to landline though this is not a free service but still I think that it provides much more in one plate then Google Duo.

Even if we are not using the Skype all of us have Facebook messenger app that can be used as calling option to all your contacts, they have also recently added a video call option; that works fine.

And One last thing that I have personally faced is that Google Duo video quality is excellent but when you made a call using your data connection it will eat up your data like a fat fast food lover. You will never know when its all gone. I think Google should do something about it. Otherwise, no one will like to use it while traveling.

I hope this article give you some insight at the Pros and Cons of the Google Duo App. You should try the app and write us in the comment section about your experience. I will still recommend that you should use it as its just a free app and its always good to try new things, as Someone said “Experience always teach”.

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