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How to convert webpage to Pdf from browser

Recently I was working on some articles, and I found some excellent sites with lots of informative facts about the technology, and I wanted to download those page. I converted them into pdf and then saved it on my storage. I just wanted to share that with you. The process is very simple, and you don’t need to install any software to convert any web page into the pdf file.

I have been saving my web pages as HTML for an long time. The trick to it was simple but comes with lots of weird hindrances. One was that whenever you download a web page or save it to your drive it always three different files combines in a folder and if you lost one then the rest of data is junk. I was so used to pressing the save shortcut keys that I never thought of any other method and would have never surfed for a new method until so virus destroyed all my HTML files in the system and I lost all the save pages.

I can retrieve the lost data from the hard drive, but it the data was not so important. The process of data recovery is also tedious for me. So today I will show how to directly save the web pages as pdf files.

Method is simple Just press Ctrt+P




I know there is an option to print the web page but that the trick. You can later save the page as pdf as there is default printer command in the Chrome and Firefox browsers. I have checked it with these three don’t have any idea about the rest.


But I think the more than 80 percent of the internet user use these their browsers with the exception of opera and safari. As Mac users might be using safari more than Firefox but that not the topic.

The interesting thing is that it keeps all the internal links in the page live, and you can navigate through the pages from the headings just like the browser.

This way you can keep your reading material from browser save and can even arrange in the shape of books and papers.

You can easily combine different pdf files into one simple file and enjoy the reading.




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