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How to Convert Word to pdf 5 common methods

There are many word to pdf converter applications and software’s that can be used for this purpose. But users still need to know about some simple and easy ways to convert the word to pdf. For the very same reason we are bringing you few very easy and common techniques to convert word to pdf.

The method are relatively dependent upon the application you are using if you already have Adobe acrobat pdf application then the following methods are of no use and you must use the application as it has one of the best OSC tool and converter in it.

1, Microsoft Office 2010, WPS Office 2010 environment

2010 Word, the WPS the Office can save Word documents to PDF, the perfect support for any language, with excellent quality and compatibility.

Office Word 2010 use the “Save As” feature to save Word as PDF files ( press the shortcut key F12 in Word, choose Save as PDF similar to file saving method )

2, Microsoft Office 2007 environment

Office 2007 only need to install an add-in, you can export the file and save it as PDF and XPS formats, also generated high-quality PDF.

Addendum: Office 2007 with SP2 already built Save As PDF / XPS support can also be directly in Word 2007 Word will save as a PDF .

3, Microsoft Office 2003 environment

Office 2003 requires PDF virtual printer to support, install a virtual printer, select File -> Print , select the PDF virtual printer in the printer list, once you have the virtual printer you can convert word to PDF.

Recommended virtual printer: TinyPDF , PDFCreator or Foxit PDF Creator .

4, the case did not install MS Office environment

If you do not install any Office software, it is recommended to use SoftMaker Viewer, which is a versatile tool to read a Word document, the document can be directly output to a PDF file. (Thanks for the supplementary))

5, the use of online applications to convert Word to PDF

Such as uploading to the Google Docs, and then download the PDF. You can also use many other online serveries like smallpdf.com to convert word files to pdf. These services are usually free and are good for all languages and formats

The above methods are only for those user how has beginner level of computer knowledge there are advanced tools for many of the service provided by the software industry.

If you like to know about best software application for pdf conversion please keep visiting our blog.


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