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How to Enable Wifi Assistant on Android

Google’s Project Fi uses an intelligent WiFi assistant service to connect users to open/free WiFi networks securely when available. Thankfully, this feature is now coming to non-Project Fi devices as well.


For now, WiFi Assistant is being rolled out to Nexus devices in US, Canada, Mexico, UK and Nordic countries via an update to Google Connectivity Services version D.1.5.10 (bundled with Google Play services v9.6).

The feature is slowly rolling out and thus might take some days/weeks before it reaches your Nexus device.

How to Enable WiFi Assistant on Android

Enable WiFi Assistant Android

  1. Open device Settings.
  2. Select Google from the list.
  3. Select Networking, and you’ll see a pop-up explaining what WiFi Assistant is (select Got it).
  4. Now on the Networking screen, enable Wi-Fi Assistant toggle.
  5. Select Advanced » and enable Manage saved networks toggle as well.
    └ This will allow you to use WiFi Assistant for networks that require passwords to connect.

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