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How to hack location in Pokemon Go on your Android

Pokemon can be caught sitting on the couch at home, or anywhere else. Suffice it with rooted Android devices, and we will show you how to do it? Read our latest Article and Keep visiting our site for more fun tips and tricks.

Things you need for Pokemon Go Hack

This hack Pokemon Go is a convenient substitute for locations hacks. Once Hack the game, you can run it on the map, lying on the couch. To play Pokemon GO and free to change your location, you need a smartphone or tablet with Android, which is:

  • Root-access.
  • Installed Xposed Module.( Needs Root access for installation )

I hope you folk knows how to give Root privilege to your site, or how to root your device otherwise you can just Google it with the same phrase”How to Root ( name of your device)” you will get all the instructions.

Installation Guide

First, you need to install several modules that require Xposed:

  1. Go to the Xposed Installer installer. Go to “Downloads” section and there click the “search” button.
  2. You need to find and download four modules:
    Mock Mock the Locations
    the Pokemon the GO Controls’
    the All the Notifications Expanded

  3. Install these modules. Go to the “Modules” section and activate them there. After that, reboot the device.
    How to cheat Pokemon GO on Android
  4. Now activate the menu settings developer. If you have a root and Xposed, it definitely needs to be activated. Go to “For Developers” and activate the switch there “Fictitious locations” and add the Pokemon GO Controls, if possible. If the item is not enabled, go to the Xposed Installer → Modules. Then run Mock Mock Locations module there uncheck “All Apps” and add the application to the exclusion of Pokemon GO Controls.
  5. Next, open the app Pokemon GO Controls itself. In the text box, enter a location and find it. Select the desired point on the map, where you will play and press the green button with the icon ►
  6. After that, the controller appears on the screen with several buttons to control. Now you can run Pokemon GO. With these keys you can freely control your character by moving him on the map.


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