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Huawei Honor 7 Review

This Honor 7 is the phone that best embodies the spirit of honor, with its fresh look and soul high end in both its construction and the chances of your hardware; it has more attractive features and has the capability to justify the market price.

Technical specifications

Nothing better to whet your appetite with this depth analysis of the device. Let’s start talking about Honor 7 your hardware , the essential part through differential no longer a smartphone. We know you like specification tables, very useful when a quick or comparative valuation, so here are the credentials of the role of Honor 7:

Let’s talk about hardware, again with a chip set own manufacturing to crown the platform of a smartphone of origin Huawei, but in this case is the chipset HISILICON Kirin 935 new built that responds well in all sections thanks to its eight cores processor. LITTLE (4x 2.2 GHz Cortex-A53 Cortex-A53 & 4x 1.5 GHz) configuration with support for 64 – bit colors and it is also, accompanied by an ARM GPU Mali_T628 MP4.

A screen of 5.2 inches and FullHD resolution to be discussed later, and is animated by the mentioned HISILICON Kirin 935, bind 3GB of RAM quite generous for its price range and an internal memory of 16 GB that we can expand with microSD cards, thank some factory as we are free around 11.5 GB for us.

As for connectivity, no objection except the drop of an NFC chip that seems dispensable in the eyes of Chinese manufacturers, but will surely be missed if finally popularize short – term mobile payments. At the moment, a fault that can accept the circumstances and usually short – term renewal of a smartphone. It fully support 4G LTE networks  with an active  dual SIM. We also have a GPS with support GLONASS, and Huawei has also added an infrared port that will allow us to control other devices in addition to the FM radio that much still values , although lately has been less on smartphones.


Until not too long the design and construction of the devices, especially those most economical cut, it was probably the least care by leading manufacturers, who still played in the war of hardware and power to differentiate section.  As the mobile device market has been growing advance of hardware has been unstoppable, and today is complicated and draw that line between high – end mid range / high , and this in turn from the middle ranges and medium / low, even more so if only we look at the list of specifications.

huawei honor 7

This is something that major manufacturers have been well – a clear example is Samsung, which has preferred to lose options to justify improving design and material, and trends and market needs have been moving to the point that, in 2015, the battle is no longer waged in gigahertz but in design, materials and construction of the devices. And this is precisely where Honor has set the bar higher with its new Honor 7 because the Chinese firm has forgotten dual cameras, dramatic effects, and varied flourishes not to forget anything, a paradox that we appreciate as the Honor 7 effectively not lack anything despite its price.

To begin, we found a very clean and simple front lines reminiscent Nexus a little effect , but only on the outside as we shall see in the software section below. There is no capacitative keypad, but find a flash front LED to accompany the 8 – megapixel sensor and a protective screen, we assume that looking mitigate the effect of not mount a glass – edge Gorilla Glass Gorilla Glass -Incorporates 3.


The rest of the terminal leaves prominence to the metal , with a construction unmistakably reminiscent origin Huawei smartphones noblest ranges. Both the frame and the rear of the device are made of aluminum finishing sandblasted , around a unibody chassis that does not allow access to the battery. Yes, the construction involves not lose anything, because Honor incorporated a double slot Nano sim with removable tray and shared secondary port , where you can choose between entering a second SIM card or microSD card to expand the memory of our Honor in July.

Nor are there cracks in terms of strength and touch, as the terminal falls perfectly in the hand, it’s nice and convenient to use , -8.5 mm thin enough not to compromise thickness- , with 3,100 mAh battery capacity-. Honor also wanted to put his touch, and a fingerprint reader that is placed on the back in focus and quite an ergonomic position joins a configurable hardware button on the left side , which can be used to trigger the camera to switch between profiles notification or other features.

huawei honor 7

As if this were not enough, the camera is accompanied by a dual LED flash in two colors and attention to details like the rear logo or bright polished bevels give it a great look. We can not even say anything speaker, positioned on the bottom thus avoiding the problem of sound on flat surfaces, although we would have liked the audio jack port 3.5 mm also were in the bottom frame for ease of use with a standard cover “sock.”

At the top, there is an infrared port so that, as we have said, nothing is missing, and classic power and volume buttons are on the right side oriented slightly toward the top. As a negative note, we can discuss the “hump” introduced for the camera sensor, but this is a common denominator in many of the best devices, and has even been cared for by the design team of Honor, which has placed it in a centered position so that the device does not dance when worn on a table. In addition, the glass protects the sensor is sapphire , so it is great, you should not worry too much that can be scratched.


We’ve talked a lot about design, and they are there the best credentials of this Honor 7 for convincing users. However, since you have been able to see that the Chinese firm has not only care the appearance of its new flagship but inside there is also achieved outstanding hardware platform if you consider its price. It does not detract from the whole its IPS-NEO 5.2 inch screen and FullHD 1080p resolution , a panel with a pixel density of 424 ppi which provides a very good response in virtually all situations, with colorful little saturated and excellent calibration and comfortable to sight.

In fact, although the AMOLED panels are much more colorful, some people still prefer IPS technology for its more natural colors. In this case, the Honor 7 features a very good sharpness and brightness level also falls short ; we expected no less given its pretensions, and we appreciate the inclusion of FullHD panel as the most suitable for a smartphone like this.

huawei honor 7

What is not HD high-end 1.440py is there? Okay, yes, but this costs half Honor and offers a consistent performance discussed below, without implying that the pixels are seen in the panel to the naked eye. Honor screen 7 only has a weak point, and that is outdoors with protective glass factory included virtually become a mirror, so the full light vision is slightly penalized . The light sensor tries to compensate with the brightness and can be used as you see perfectly, but we will see much better if we seek some shade. This is probably the most important failure of this terminal, so you can imagine ye not read too many negatives in this analysis. In addition, it sure the protective plastic higher quality will help improve greatly in this section.

Performance and autonomy

Important issue and we always like to check very deeply when we are dealing with a chipset new bill and test passed for 935 Kirin HISILICON of origin Huawei. In this case, we knew that memory would not be a problem because the 3GB of RAM ensure sufficient physical memory not only to run any game or application that is demanding but also to maintain multitasking functions at a high level.

More questions posed by the chipset more new figures that since his sheet seems more than solvent with the eight-core processor to a maximum frequency of 2.2GHz, support for 64-bit and Mali-T628 MP4 GPU. It is true that not board a QHD panel helps you, but we have said that 5.2 inches are the logical solution chosen. Huawei good job with their latest Kirin is remarkable, and if MediaTek has improved greatly in recent months can also say the same about the processors HISILICON Chinese firm.


The cameras have become over time one of the most important distinguishing features of a smartphone, and therefore Honor not has played in this respect, betting on the number on the front and the quality in the main chamber of the new Honor in July. On the front we find a sensor wide angle and 8 megapixel 26mm , an outstanding camera for video conferencing and more than acceptable for autofocus – selfies to his friends, which also has its own flash LED and software mode called ‘Beauty’ they always try to get out handsome in the photo.

For the main camera, we have a sensor 20.7 megapixel Sony source specifically its famous Exmor IMX230 with phase detection autofocus FullHD video, dual LED flash two colors, and HDR. The sensor protrudes slightly from the housing but is protected by a glass lens sapphire to avoid problems. On paper good figures, but not always the results are expected apparently seen, because Sony itself -Greater sensor supplier market Moviles devices sometimes get worse than many of the firms they sold their cameras.

huawei honor 7

The results are of high quality both indoors and outdoors , even trying to play in saturated light scenes or shots with variable lighting. Auto mode works well helping less experienced, and color reproduction is excellent. In fact, as you see in the above screenshot, difficult for the lighting and the reflection of water, the result is extremely good, and with an impressive level of detail if you look at expanding one hundred percent.

The camera is very fast both in the approach and shots , and selective approach works really well with the touch on the screen the part that wants to focus on photography. Mode HDR does not introduce too much delay in capturing, and improvement is noticeable in certain situations, but with the high quality of normal intelligent change is not as great as you see when you turn it on other devices. Also included is the drawing mode light presented with the Huawei P8, which is part of the customizing software on Android Huawei. A colorful way that is appreciated, but not really adds too, or at least not beyond trying to take creative photographs in some situations.


The software is perhaps the most important smartphone part because this is the section that drives the interaction between user and machine, focusing all user experience and all aspects that go beyond the hardware despite depending on it directly.

Nothing will get if we have a very powerful phone with software that does not fail, and sometimes manufacturers forget that the software is a key aspect when designing a device. Is not the case of Honor, taking advantage of the work of Huawei Emotion UI, its layer of proprietary software to customize Android to the lines of the brand, has taken care of the appearance and functionality of Honor 7, which runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and Emotion UI 3.1 but has been promised upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

No doubt that Huawei and Honor have created a layer of software beautiful, very colorful and it can be customized as well , which also works smoothly with no performance penalty, but really masks in full Android experience.

huawei honor 7huawei honor 7

Honor 7, the opinion of Engadget Android

We know that this type of analysis are too long and do not invite too much to read if you are not interested in the terminal analyzed, although thoroughly test a device is perhaps the most interesting part of our work because it puts us in direct contact with users we try to convey our feelings with the devices. Those who have come here will have already noticed that our feelings with Honor 7 will not have been better , and in fact, we can say that so far is the best smartphone in its price range we’ve tested.

Not only live the smartphone hardware and Honor has been able to perfectly offset the technical section of the Honor 7 so that the software will not waver in any way. In addition, it incorporates additional features to facilitate interaction between user and smartphone, as the custom button or gestures, so we can not put too many negative points to the new flagship of the brand spin-off of Huawei.

It does have some holes; these are clearly their vision outdoors and lack of NFC because Emotion UI intrusive is a debatable issue and always a personal matter that can be modified with third party applications. However, we would have liked to choose “Factory” user experience, especially with respect to the application drawer. Obviously, we do not forget to mention that its strength is its design and construction, forming a clean smartphone, sleek metal and made almost entirely with a nice touch and feel in very good hands.

If anyone was waiting for the Nexus 5 this year and Google was disappointed with the prices of its updated line of terminals, surely in this Honor 7 find a perfect substitute at a price as attractive, only 349.99 euros for a smartphone offset that It does not seek to be the best, but the most efficient regarding the invested money .

With a more competitive market than ever, especially in mid range and low, is very difficult to highlight, but with Honor 7 we are probably facing one of the best mid range terminals this year 2015 , if not the best, and this is a personal statement I could justify, but it costs daring to publish an analysis like this.


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