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Huawei Honor 8 Review

Huawei honor 8

Huawei is giving a lot to talk about with the Honor series. In early May we met the Honor V8 with the dual camera heritage of Huawei P9 , and a few hours ago we learned that there is a path plus version to be called Honor V8 Max as well.

Today it is the turn of Honor 8 without the V, a terminal that takes several weeks sticking out the leg and finally arrived on July 11. We know that specification charts are much easier to understand but here we go some extra mile to share some amazing information regarding the Huawei Honor 8.

Huawei squeezes the formula of dual chamber

Renderings of Honor 8 confirm the details we met through the network certificate that was granted several weeks ago. The terminal will have a system of the dual 12-megapixel camera each on the back, much likely to the latest releases of the brand, but in this case, the lenses are separated and not unified as we saw in Honor V8.

Next to the lens is no room for the LED flash , which incidentally is double, and it also have a laser focus . In the central part of the back, Huawei has placed the usual fingerprint sensor, which unlike Honor V8 has a completely circular shape.

On the front, it has an integrated 8-megapixel camera and of course, the screen, a full HD 5.2 – inch concentrating 424 dots per inch. In terms of design, the device of the filtered image is the model in white, but not like the one we saw go through TENAA, which had the front in black and white back. In this case, both sides are white, which leads us to believe that the device pictured above is actually two: the white model and a second version in black.

Another discrepancy is the battery. The certifying body in China reflected a battery of 2,900 milliamps, but now we have heard that it is upgraded to 3,150 milliamps . In any case, the rumors point to a rapid charging system and USB-C port as well.

Honor 8 was launched on July 11 and it has two versions with different RAM. On the one hand, there will be a model with 3GB of RAM and 32 GB capacity, while the second will rise to 4 GB of RAM and you can get both 32 and 64 GB capacity. The processor will be a 2.3GHz Kirin 950 and Marshmallow Android 6.0 operating system.

The new Honor 8 has focused on a younger audience than can go to Huawei P9 and its other products, although in practice we find a slight variation of the flagship with extra design touches and different distribution channel, at least starting. But let ‘s see what we have found in the first contact.

Very fluid processor

We expected a model almost identical to Huawei P9 and were surprised that Honor chose Kirin Kirin 950 instead of 955, the latest version of its chips. However, the Honor 8 operates very fluidly at all times, and the answer is swift , showing no little lag or delays in the interface or application. It is noted that the Chinese have emphasized EMUI continue downloading, the owner layer, and the new Honor 8 is lighter than ever.

Huawei Honor 8

In addition, the builder has added some improvements that help us on the day with the phone. The fingerprint reader located on the back of the smartphone now has a physical button that can be configured to open applications at will. A click, two clicks or a long press . With the three options we can play to open the mail, the camera application or launch Google Now on your phone at rest, for having fingerprint reader open the application directly bypassing the lock pattern or PIN that we have set.

The fingerprint reader itself works perfectly. It’s fast and accurate and combines well with EMUI because the delay between the touch and unlocking is virtually nonexistent. In addition, it is a fingerprint reader recognizes circular footprint regardless of the position of the finger, something that has worked for us to unlock in multiple situations. Fingerprint readers Huawei is a reference in the current market and is possibly inherit is the best thing that happened to the Honor line. The experience of using the reader is almost perfect.

Honor screen

Another factor to consider is the screen. 8 Honor has chosen a 5.2 – inch LTPS panel, and that is very important, a FullHD resolution against the general trend of mounting panels 2K. This combination, with its 424 pixels per inch, offers very good sharpness and the fact is that the brightness of the panel helps to achieve this . 8 Honor screen looks good both exterior and interior and is really soft touch . The display ends with metal frames, but the transition is virtually nonexistent. The manufacturer placed special emphasis on the construction technique used to achieve that sense of continuity and be seen to have done. The smartphone feels like a single piece.

We could not test the battery, being a first prior approach to the comprehensive analysis we will carry out this Honor 8, but its manufacturer claims 3,000 mAh battery should offer more than one day of use. If we consider the 5.2-inch Full-HD riding and previous experiences with Kirin 950, it should be so. But as we say, we will prove as it should be for the complete analysis of the terminal.

The camera raises the bar a notch

Another of the amazing features of this Honor 8 is its camera crew, although the rear than the front. It is probably the closest thing we have with the Huawei P9, a double rear 12-megapixel sensor whose lenses are not certified by Leica on this occasion but which together yields a very good level.

Huawei Honor 8

Catches of its rear camera are fast, and both contrast and color balance are pretty good. Pictures bright and very well defined even in dark places and also have the help of the camera interface, which allows us to decide exposure at all times. Not to mention a manual mode that we explore more in depth but offers a much more precise control.

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