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Imminent iPhone 7 will be cheaper then iPhone 6

We knew that Apple was studying in depth the possibilities of reducing production costs of iPhone, facing mainly to be more competitive in emerging markets. However, the big surprise of the next keynote firm might present the new version of the iPhone at a lower price than the previous model.

This is at least what we have known through a leak of what appear to rates anticipated for iPhone 7 and considering that the news was on Forbes and they argued that the source is reliable.

The other big news is that, if this leak is real, Apple will say goodbye to 16GB of capacity, something that we already have. The comparision of prices table is as under. the prices are in HK$ (HK$=US$13)as per the source of the News

7 Vs Iphone Iphone 6s China Prices Hong Kong

lowest prices …or its a camouflage

Apple wants to escape at all costs of any circumstances that would suggest that the low product category, for this reason price reductions always come from the hand of new releases: that is, the old model reduces its price before the arrival of the new . It is actually a decline in prices, but well camouflaged. In this case, it happens more or less the same.

If you look closely at the table, only you can compare prices on a version of the iPhone, the 128GB: here, the iPhone 7 would cost 6,088 HKD (about 703 euros) compared to 6888 HKD iPhone 6s. In the rest of the range, Apple has played to provide more capacity keeping prices, which ultimately is another kind of reduction.

Note::Feature image of the iPhone 7 and specs mentioned are for illustrative purpose Only.

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