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Is Pokemon Go losing its fame? Some taughts

The Pokemon Game released in July have broken many records as far its fame is concerned, it took on the social media and became the word of mouth all around the world especially in youth. The Game develops, and publishers all have earned vast sums of money after the game launched.  Currently, there are millions of players in the world that are playing this game. Today I was looking for some financial surveys on the up and down of the technology and its application, by chance, I found some interesting facts about the game, so I though to share them with my views.

Pokemon Go

The game publisher Nintendo has earned more than 13 billion in profit since it’s launch. The game has played an important role in keeping the concept of augmented reality in the 21st century. The gamers are now more and more inclined towards the concept of virtual reality and because of that reason the IT companies, game developers, and people in entertainment market are engaging their resources make interesting use of virtual reality. But with the launch of the Pokemon Go the Google has claimed that the people once again started to search for the augmented reality as at that time no one knew what was the concept of the augmented reality.

The game Pokemon Go took the gamers out of their chairs into the roads and neighbourhood. People have claimed to walk whole day for the search of the Pokemon. This was a good start, but soon some lazy and genius started developing tools that can hack the location of the Pokemon go masters and allow them to walk anywhere in the world they want. OHHH but if we think the developer designed the game based on the Google maps and geolocation of the gamer. If I recall my knowledge of the tech, and correctly remember, we have been using proxies since 2000. So before the developers were planning and developing that game, they must have thought about it but still they ignored that fact. Maybe they knew whatever they build there will always be minds that can find a backdoor to every application.

In my opinion, this was the worst flaw of the Pokemon Go game, and now people are exploiting it. You can now play Pokemon Go at your home and go anywhere you want to capture whatever Pokemon you want. Then you can go to any Pokemon Gym to dominate it with all your Pokemon that you have collected without any effort.

Maybe that’s the reason its popularity is now wearing off, and the user data shows that no of users joined the game this month is far less than July.

More the game publishers Nintendo has also mentioned that they have lost billions due to the Pokemon game. I am not a financial consultant, and I have recently read some articles that explained this fact, but I still didn’t believe this news. How is this possible that after such a success full launch they are losing money. However, I am not sure what big multinationals call money loss. Usually, they predict that they will make 50 billion this year, and if they don’t achieve their target and only make 40 billion, they will be saying that they have lost 10 billion. The 10 billion that were just in their heads not, in reality, just trying to cover up their greed they don’t tell ordinary people the whole story.

Sorry, i lost track of my article today, but I hope what I write will be of some worth to you. What I believe is, that the game has not lost any of its users. With the development of hacks are more users that will come to its platform. However their profit will decrease and will get smooth as the time pass. the Nintendo has delayed the accessory, and they are waiting for the right time to give it the good push. The game will be now played more than ever, and the companies are too greedy to stop at the specific level and give their players something new and good for the right price.  If you hate my article, please tell us in the comment section. Will be coming back to you with some more drama. Have a nice day and enjoy yourself.

If you hate my article, please tell us in the comment section. Will be coming back to you with some more drama. Have a nice day and enjoy yourself.

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