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Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) Review

The Samsung Galaxy A9 2016 has turned out to be a big brother. China has come to the announcement of Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, an identical version on the outside but actually it is more superior in technical specifications.

Based on the same SoC, the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor 1.8GHz 8 – core and GPU Adreno to 510. The new version has got an increased RAM to 4GB , which adds more power and speed to the system. Samsung has also doubled the ROM, as it was 16 GB in the previous version now its 32GB.

samsung galaxy a9 pro (2016) review

Don’t know whay Samsung has lowered the camera standards in the new version, as the previous version had 16-megapixel camera now Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro has 13 megapixels. Remember that this does not make it better, although it is assumed that starting from the same base version it will have the same elements.

The other, very interesting feature is a huge battery 5.000mAh , 25% more capacity than its little brother. If you repeat the efficiency that we have seen in the Galaxy A3 and as its processor and screen are not the most advanced, it seems that the phablet will be no friend of the plugs.

samsung galaxy a9 pro (2016) review

Same design and a little over price

Aesthetically they are identical. Share the design of the entire A series, completely inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S6 as we have seen in the A3 (6) and A5 (6) . Unibody metal body with protective Gorilla Glass 4 front and back, with 6 inches Super AMOLED FullHD (1,920 X 1,080) screen  topped with small bevel on both sides. It is clear that QHD remain to give value to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro 2016 is more expensive than the basic model. There is a difference of 300 yuan, about 40 euros. This makes their price, 3,499 yuan at current exchange rates is around 480 euros, which is what was expected from the previous model when it was announced in December by the change in the exchange rate.

It seemed that the Galaxy A series of well covered 2016 and left the average premium Samsung range, but once again the rumors were right, and there was the fifth model. Although it is far from clear that reaches the West, do we need a model more in this long bridge between ranges?

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