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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

This is what we expect from the Samsung galaxy note 7: curves, resistance, and iris scans

We are making progress in the year, and it seems that we have little with which to surprise, the main mobile phones in the android territory have been upgraded before the summer, and practically is a name noted on the schedule: note. You can also over view the specification from the specification chart.

Samsung has embroidered this year with the galaxy s7 , has rounded the big step in design that gave to the previous model, achieving a product with better technology and resistance, and although we enter a very warm discussion, we can say with arguments that the best high – end so far this season. Better a phone? We can find things cheaper , or bet on special ideas , but possibly the Korean company itself that exceeds what the note .

From the point of view of the denomination, the most striking fact is to skip the ‘6’ to go to the rhythm of the galaxy s 7.

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung Housing

Expectations are very high this year, possibly more than in previous generations, and that the Note is a headache for the Galaxy S , as its sales have been fairly balanced, robbing him quite quota. Luckily everything is at home; they will say in Samsung. What do we know about the new gadget? So far little , but the gossip is mumbling too in the last hours.

Display with curves?

For if we pay attention to the shells that supposedly prepares Olixar for the Galaxy Note 7 itself, they will be curved like a Galaxy S7 edge. In all pictures – link , another – a model with the front appears white.

You can also see that there is enabled for the S Pen area , which is obviously one of the distinguishing features of the Note and has to stay there. Among the information that arises with this leak is the presence of a type-C USB port.

Increased resistance

That says Evleaks – Evan Blass – that the new Note will surprise us with new features in the range of Samsung phablet. First, any phone of this family had messed with water resistance, which itself is already handled in the Galaxy S , and therefore would be before another specification that matches.

Evan says the new Note will have resistance IP68 , exactly the same as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Galaxy. What are we worth? On paper provides the ability to immerse the phone for 30 minutes at the depth meter and a half.

samsung galaxy note 7

Iris scanner

The other striking point that Evan would forward the premiere of a technology that Samsung does not use on any phone, not on the market a powerful product – Android – who has dared to play with it: iris scanner . We must go back to last summer to see Fujitsu premiering the idea; later we had Lumia phones related to Hello Windows system.

samsung galaxy note 7 Iris scanner

Biometric recognition systems have reached our mobile devices to stay; it’s easy to see a fingerprint sensor in mid-range phones and the most expensive there is none forget to implement it. It looks like a conquered land footprints, what if we turn to the eyes and unblock the phone just by looking at him. This also opens the debate duplication of functions, do we need a fingerprint sensor?

Nothing short of high-end

We hope that the phone has a Super AMOLED screen high generation and is QHD resolution, is the least considering how he spends Samsung. What is not known is the actual size of it, but we bet by 5.7 inches .

On the hardware that will move all this, because we understood that Samsung would play twice, as on previous occasions: there will be versions with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 and others with an Exynos 8893 chipset . If the thing continues, it has been shown that both variants operate in a very similar way in performance and autonomy are so welcome.

samsung galaxy note 7 Iris scanner

Given how the market has evolved, here they stick 6GB of RAM . As for internal memory, insurance starting with 64 and 128GB, but possibly surprise us with an option with 256GB new memories . In any case, I doubt that eliminate the ability to expand with microSD cards.

Nor can we guess too much about the camera, but if we were to say something, bet on the sensor of 12 megapixels that have premiered so successfully. Both great video and pictures for its quality and speed of approach . At the front, I do not think to go wild with megapixels.

To me , a welcome change would be expected, and that has to do with the software. I understand that it will be built on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, but I wish it was less TouchWiz , easier. What is rumored is that it will bring the latest version developed internally known as ‘ Grace ‘: new notification panel, new configuration menus, different colors, and a lot of customization.

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