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SwiftKey recovers predictions and adds the Android emoji Nougat

They have been a somewhat complicated keyboard weeks for this application owned by Microsoft . In August they were forced to disable synchronization in the cloud and thus lose the personalized suggestions including e-mail and phone numbers because a mistake was causing users to receive predictions aimed at others. A disaster.

The battering already arranged after one month, but for now only had surrendered in Beta mode of SwiftKey. Those who are in the official branch and stable application without having followed the predictions so far, when the corrections and Android emoji Nougat also come to official SwiftKey .

Android emoji Nougat

You must teach the system again

Synchronization and works in the cloud, yes, but SwiftKey warns us that the previous data of phone numbers and mail addresses have been deleted , so you should teach again the keyboard face to help you remember these data the future. It is a curious fact that gives us a small window into the possible mess happened with the predictions of the data so that the easiest way to deal with it has been deleted directly all predictions to cure health.

In addition to correcting the error, SwiftKey now hosts the emoji Android Nougat , adding the ability to choose the skin tone with a long press. This feature is available only on Android Nougat, so the rest of mortals – that say the majority will have to settle with the old emoji without skin tones … or use another keyboard.

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