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What is Pokemon Gym and How to Join One in Pokemon Go

Its been a while now since Pokemon Go has been dominating the game charts in the android world. Million of player or it would be better to say Millions of Pokemon Trainers has emerged since then. every player is playing with tools and tricks he get hand on, to capture Pokemon. but what’s the ultimate charm of capturing a Pokemon ? Dominating a poke Gym in the neibourhood. so the people in the area now that your team is the best around. I have been searching for documentation on the game play and  but have found very little from the developer of the game. Most of the stuff is from different renowed game player and game blogs. So I thought I should also write something that i know till now about the Pokemon game. I would Like to start with the introduction of Poke Gyms.


What is a Poke Gym in Pokemon Go?

A Pokemon Go gym is a place where gamers pit their Pokemon against each other in combat. You don’t battle head-to-head. Rather, someone claims the gym and assigns a Pokemon to it. Over time, other gamers will challenge this person’s Pokemon in a fight for control. Whoever wins claims the gym for one of the three teams (Team Instinct, Team Mystic, Team Valor) in the game. Then fellow team members can assign one of their Pokemon to the gym to make it stronger.

If a gym is white, that means no team currently owns it so you can give it a Pokemon and instantly take control. That Pokemon will live in that gym until it is defeated by an enemy trainer, at which point it will return to your collection to be used again.

By this point, finding a white gym is unlikely. A gym will usually house one or more Pokemon, depending on how many trainers have combined to take control of a gym for their team. As a gym levels up, more Pokemon can be added to defend it from outside attack. How you approach a gym will depend on whether it’s controlled by an enemy team or by your own.

How you can be a team member in Pokemon Gym:

When you have several high level Pokemon, it’s time to form a team. These Pokemon will fight when you attempt to claim a gym. To create a team in Pokemon Go, click the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen and then select Pokemon on the left. Click the Pokemon you wish to favorite and then on the next screen (the one displaying the Pokemon), press the star icon on the top right. Now the game recognizes this Pokemon as one of your favorites.

The game will then arrange favorited Pokemon from highest CP to lowest. If you have a CP413 Jolteon, for instance, it will be higher than your CP166 Oddish.

When in battle there are two elements to combat:;

First, tap your screen as fast as you can to perform rapid basic attacks.

Second, when you build up your special attacks (the little blue boxes that slowly fill up) you can tap and hold for a moment to trigger your special attack. Doing this consumes one blue box.

Essentially, use your strongest Pokemon to battle. If there is more than one Pokemon in a gym, it will take multiple battles to defeat the gym and claim it as your own. Battling an enemy gym is a process of wearing down its prestige level, which reduces how many Pokemon it can house. Then next time you battle you will need to defeat one less Pokemon, making the battle easier, bringing you closer to a final victory.

thats all what I know about the Pokemon Go Gym and Gym battles i hope you can send me some good feed back to make this article more usefull for Pokemon Trainers.


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